Judith Perry, PhD, MCIAT, is a director of Sohnius & Perry Ltd, a small architectural and interior design practice in Cambridge. Her designs have won praise locally and earned her an international client base. In 2002 her own house was featured during RIBA's Architecture Week; one of only 20 houses shown in Cambridgeshire. Her design philosophy is that great design must fulfil a purpose, serve the clients' needs and enhance their life. In all her designs she works closely with her clients to outline and define their needs so that her spaces are not only beautiful but function well, including such things as built-in storage carefully tailored to the clients' possessions. She also places very high value on environmentally sustainable design and her scientific and technical training means that she understands the implications and technical details required.

Judith feels that it is important to play a role within her profession and to act on her beliefs within the public sphere. To this end she has served on the executive committee of the Eastern Region of CIAT, is an active member of the Cambridge Association of Architects, the local branch of RIBA, and served on the organising committee of several exhibitions. She was an active member the of the Eastern Region Energy Group, a consortium of architects, engineers, and quantity surveyors interested in sustainable building and energy conservation, who in the late 1990s and early 2000s were amongst the first organisations to raise awareness of the crucial role of the built environment in the problems of global warming. She has organised several meetings on the subject of sustainable housing, written invited articles on the subject, for e.g. Public Sector Review and Challenge, and has been an invited lecturer on the subject of Sustainable Architecture in Northern Europe.

Judith has also worked closely with the Cambridge Planning department and the members of the Planning Committee of the Cambridge City Council to develop planning policies reconciling the need for conservation of an historically important town scape with the need for modern, sustainable, and innovative design. Her own house features as an example of exemplary architecture in the Cambridge City design guide for loft conversions, and she is singled out for thanks in the guide for the work she did with the planning officers in the development of the guide.

Her first degree was in structural engineering, and she had a long and distinguished international scientific research career, latterly at Cambridge University, before starting, in 2000, a private practice as an Architectural Designer. Having lived and worked in many countries, the US, Germany, France, India, she brings a wide experience of building techniques and architectural styles to bear on her work here. Her work is characterised by careful attention to structural and architectural detail and to the useability, liveability and comfort of the buildings she designs. Her renovations of houses from the Victorian and Edwardian eras through to the present respects the historic integrity of the buildings whilst introducing contemporary features, most particularly increased natural light. She has an exemplary record of planning approvals and works closely with Building Control and contractors to guarantee that her buildings are built to the highest standards.

Martin Sohnius, PhD, is a theoretical physicist by training, a computer network manager by profession, and a director of Sohnius & Perry, Ltd. He takes care of the company's back-office functions, such as accounting, payroll and computer maintenance, but is also occasionally seen with tools in his hands on building sites.

Contract Staff give us regular additional support, including a fully qualified architect and expert on architectural software, as well as very efficient and much appreciated secretarial help.